Cookin’ on Video

Cookin’ on Video

So, I made a video of me cooking one of the recipes (this one):

I used fresh tomatos because I’d just harvested a bunch from my roof, so the sauce turned out a bit more liquid than it should be, but it was super-tasty.

This is actually my third cooking video (more here), but the first from the book. I’m planning on doing a whole series of them – but I’m hoping that other people will help me out and make some of their own. It would be great to have one (or more!) for every recipe in the book.

How about it?

It’s pretty easy – I’m using a really crappy webcam, and a free OSX programme called Gawker, then I edited it a bit with iMovie, stuck on a tune (in this case, Four Friends And A Microphone by The Black Dog), and uploaded it to Vimeo, which is like YouTube, but nicer.

Go on, have a go, and tag anything you do, anywhere, ‘cookingwithbooze’ so I can find it.

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