Doing strange things with booze

Doing strange things with booze

I recently invested in an El Bulli Texturas kit from infusions4chefs. If you don’t know, El Bulli is one of the most praised restaurants in the world, and famed for the invention of molecular gastronomy, the strange mix of cookery and chemistry which produces such strange dishes as parmesan spaghetti – check this meal report for an idea of what it’s like (the UK’s Heston Blumethal is a disciple of this school).

So the first thing I tried to use it with was booze, obviously. An attempt to spherise neat rum failed completely, owing to it’s liquidity and alcoholic content, but a further attempt at spherising Bloody Mary mix and suspending it in a vodka shot was more successful.

The resulting taste, I admit, left a little to be desired, but we’re working on it. You can follow our progress in this Flickr set – and here, of course.

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