Drunk ponies and Whisky Spime

Drunk ponies and Whisky Spime

I know, I am a bad person, and this is not a proper blog. Still, I will occasionally braindump here, and here are two recent things:

– ‘Punch drunk’ pony rescued from swimming pool

Following on from previous revelations about birds eating fermenting berries, we go right up the size scale. ‘Fat Boy’ the pony was scrumping for apples in a nearby field, and, according to the Telegraph, “It is thought that the rotten fruit had begun to ferment, causing the animal to become ‘drunk’.” Well, I don’t know why those quote marks are required. Pony eats fermented fruit means drunk pony, just as if he’d been drinking Cider. The radio this morning mentioned that this was not an uncommon story among farmers, so I’ll see what others I can dig up. (Oh, and punch drunk refers to the disorientation experienced by prizefighters, and is meaningless in this context. Stupid Torygraph.)


Glenfiddich have released a single-barrel malt with its own Flickr stream, microsite and much else. It’s genius, and pleased it’s Glenfiddich as I have a long association with them. I’d like to see a wine producer take it to the next level, following a wine from the grape to the table… you could hook up an electronic hydrometer to Twitter and everything…

Oh, maybe I should just do that in my kitchen. I haven’t written up my homebrew experiments, stupidly, although you can follow them a bit here. They were a great success, but unfortunately have now been banned under the terms of a disarmament treaty with my partner, following a number of small but quite dangerous explosions. If anyone has a shed for rent…

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