Friday Feeling (and Frankenpumpkin)

Friday Feeling (and Frankenpumpkin)

he above is mine and Ed’s aborted attempt to take on the Wychwood Pumpkin Challenge (I love Wychwood) by buying a load of gnarled pumpkins and winter squashes and attempting to stitch them into some kind of freakish über-lantern. As you can see, curry interrupted (from the wonderful Salt N Pepper), followed by our own lack of imagination and fatigue brought on by the consumption of a couple several a healthy amount of Hobgoblin and Circle Master. We’ll try again next year.

Anyway, the effort provided plenty of raw materials for a week of pumpkin curry and squash soups.

Also, some Friday shout outs to Eat Drink Live, who tackled the Cider Cupcakes this week with their own crumbly addition, Kitchen Goddess, who have CWB in their ‘Books We Soooo Love’ section this week, and to Russell Davies, who was kind enough to send us props.

Russell’s own book, Egg, Bacon, Chips and Beans, based on the blog of the same name, would make a great companion volume to CWB this festive season – as Russell’s agent put it so succinctly: “it’s the ideal Christmas gift for the man in your life you don’t know very well.”

UPDATE: As Ed’s just reminded me, I was making pumpkin soup at the same time as this, which we ate the next day. Quick recipe: roast pumpkin chunks for half an hour, cook a couple of handfuls of toms down a bit in a pan, add roasted pumpkin, cover with stock, season, mush and heat through.

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