Introduction (to the web edition)

Introduction (to the web edition)

Cooking With Booze, the book, was published in the UK in October 2007, in a very traditional form. But it’s a book that couldn’t have happened without the web, so I thought I should give something back. Here it is: the complete text of CWB, online for all.

If you like the book, cook one of the recipes and enjoy it, I’d be very grateful if you’d buy a copy, but if not, no worries.

  • Feedback
  • Why is this book free?
  • Recipes on your mobile phone
  • For the geeks among you…
  • Other stuff


One of the main reasons for this site is to get feedback on the various recipes.

Did I make a mistake in one of the recipes? Think it could be improved? Then head over to that recipe and leave a comment, letting me know what you think.

Even better, if you’ve got a recipe that you think should be in the book, send it to me, and maybe it will be included in the next edition. You’ll get a full acknowledgement, of course.

Why is the book free?

Well, for starters, I didn’t create most of these recipes. They’re culled from many sources, including friends, other cookbooks, and the web, so while many of them have been substantially altered – and a lot of effort went into creating the book, on my part and that of my publisher – I felt that the best way to continue this culture of sharing would be to make the recipes themselves available for free (and yes, it might sell a few more copies too, but I’m not holding my breath).

For that reason, the contents of the book, as set out on this site, are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license, which means anyone can share, copy and remix the content – as long as they provide an acknowledgement of the source (and a link back here, hopefully) and don’t use it for commercial purposes.

Creative Commons is a great way to publish and share your work, outside the restrictions of traditional copyright. This video makes a good introduction. For more information, visit

So, go nuts, enjoy, and let me know what you get up to.

Recipes on your mobile phone

Yes, you can read Cooking With Booze on your mobile too, if you’ve got a mobile web browser. I find this damn useful if I’m in the shops and can’t remember what all the ingredients are.

The site can be accessed as normal at, but I’ve also set up a quick link to the table of contents which lists all the recipes, to save you tapping in the whole address. Bookmark to go straight there.

For the geeks among you

Those interested in how this site is put together, some more implications of the CC license, and some more stuff on XML and microformats, might be interested in this page.

Other Stuff

This site uses some of the wonderful Silk Icons by Mark James, also released under a CC license. Cheers Mark!

Props also to Web Typography. Yeah, I know. But you’re worth it.