They always buy the 10¢ wine

They always buy the 10¢ wine

No, not an expose of the cheapest wine in America, but an old story about Ernest Gallo, who once offered a customer two wines to choose from: a 5¢ bottle and a 10¢ bottle (this was back in the depression). The buyer chose the 10¢ bottle; the wines were the same.

A new discovery of mine, the American Association of Wine Economists, takes this further, noting recent studies from the National Academy of Sciences, showing fairly conclusively that people ascribe better qualities to wine that has a higher price attached to it. In it’s own study, the AAWE found absolutely no correlation between wine price and quality.

I for one am not terrribly surprised. Wine knowledge is generally so weak, and shrouded in mystery, snobbery, and jargon, that the average consumer has nothing to go on but price.

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