Veg Day

Veg Day

Today is veg day at Bone Towers – I’m a member of Growing Communities, a fantastic vegetable box scheme in North London. Every Wednesday I get a big bag of veg for the week, and go to work trying to polish it off. This veg is always so much better than the stuff from the shops – because it all came out of the ground in the last day or so. Some of it’s grown within a couple of miles of my house – and I live in Hackney…

Above is this week’s haul: potatoes, parsnips, onions, carrots, lettuce, broccoli and sweetcorn. I also picked up some fresh eggs and some mushrooms – and a pomegranate, because they’re lovely.

So what to do?

I’m ashamed to say there’s no parsnips and booze recipe in the book, because I love parsnips, but I’m definitely going to make a parnsip and carrot mash at some point, because that’s one of my favourite dishes. Same goes for the sweetcorn, which should take care of itself, and the broccoli and lettuce, which will end up on the side of something.

For the rest, well, I’ve been planning a Champagne and Vegetable soup for a while, probably with some fresh veg chucked in in place of the peas, and the onions and tomatos will probably end up in some kind of pasta dish. I’ve also got people coming round on Saturday, so am planning on making a lot of chips to go with some Beery Cheese Spread.

As for the pomegranate, this looks like just the thing.


P.S. Do check out Growing Communities, which is totally worth it. They have several options for veg and fruit bags, all yummy. There’s a blog too, although it’s currently on hiatus.

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